" Just Us";  Social Issues TV Series

The uncle of George Floyd, Selwyn Jones, and #WE host, Jenee Starr,host a weekly TV series with contributors like the George Floyd family members; the Breonna Taylor family, etc. in this weekly social news and social issues program.

Selwyn Jenee.png

" Sing A Song"; The Sheldon Reynolds Tribute Special

#WE is producing a celebrity fundraising TV concert tribute to Sheldon Reynolds, who has Parkinson's Disease. Sheldon Reynolds was lead vocals / lead guitar for Earth, Wind & Fire for 14 years.


#WeVegas TV Special

In 2020, #WE produced the first 2 empowerment TV specials. Now #WE releases the first ever national/ global #empowerment TV special, virtually from Las Vegas, entitled #WeVegas; Women Empowerment Movement. The special is hosted by Jenee Starr, with guests the George Floyd Family, Las Vegas comics, etc.. Coming on March 1 , 2021.

" Good Times" TV Specials

By special licensing agreement, #WE is producing #GoodTimes TV Specials, with star, John Amos, and Executive Producer, K.C. Amos has partnered with #WE founder, Lowell Beasley, and produced the first one hour special, now debuting on the Holyfield TV Network and some 100 stations nationally.


#WE News

#WE News, the FIRST  #empowerment news show , is a 30 minute weekly TV news cast showcasing all empowerment / social news issues, with a cast of those very frontline news makers.


Heroes Jam

An all inclusive virtual TV  PPV concert honoring the frontline COVID-19  medical first responders......Memorial Day weekend, 2021.