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Who is ANTIFA? I Am Antifa. #WE Are Antifa.

The word " ANTIFA" literally means " anti-fascist". You can Google that fact.

In WWII, the U.S military actually had divisions of Antifa forces , segments of the U.S military that fought fascism; Mussolini and Hitler.

In the past few months, President Trump has made this label popular again by declaring war on " Antifa" and blaming his social failures on Antifa.

In President Trump's ignorance, he even asked Attorney General William Barr and the FBI to " issue warrants" for ANTIFA. Barr had to EXPLAIN to Trump there IS no " antifa" organization, address nor individuals to " send warrants to". ANTIFA is an ideology, a political leaning, like empowerment and liberty, so , of course, no entity to " declare war on".

But who is this arch-enemy? Who IS Antifa? Here is the joke on Trump.

Who is ANTIFA?

Antifa is EVERYONE who is AGAINST fascism. It is EVERY American who believes in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Bible and Declaration of Independence.

ANTIFA is you, me, every person fighting in the military, every law enforcement officer, every Constitutional law believer. It is EVERYONE who believes in liberty, democracy, freedom and EVERYTHING that America stands for.

So Trump did not understand ( or want to admit) that when BLM was marching in the streets and sent a letter from " Antifa", they were saying TRUMP , and his self-deluded policies , IS the fascism they were protesting against.

Fascism wants no freedom of press, no accountability, fact-checking, etc. Just as Hitler ( eventually) controlled all press in Germany, Trump is against freedom of the press. Any press, any media that questions Trump, or reports unflattering stories on him, he regales as " fake news". He called the 2 largest news agencies in the world, NBC and CNN, " fake news" 4 years ago when they fairly reported his constantly contradictory statements and policies. Fox News, his biggest defender, was "his network" of choice. After 3 years of fading heat for all his contradictions, and straight out lies, falacies and untruths, Fox started holding him accountable, so he reversed course now calling Fox News " fake news". So ANY news source, ANY person, ANY statement not flattering to Trump, is " fake news " according to Trump. When women reporters have challenged his statements, he calls them " fat pigs", incompetent, "stupid", and worse. If someone testifies against him or even hints at it, Trump immediately sues them, threatens them, or asks his staff to " lock them up".

This technique was used by Hitler when he had ALL dissenters arrested by his goon squad. He asked for full legal autonomy over all law, with unlimited terms, and the rest is history. Hitler is the textbook example of fascism, as was Caesar, Mussolini, etc.

Those familiar with fascism, will see immediate resemblance to Trump and his hints to " push back the election" ( til he has more favorable numbers); his efforts to control voting and mail-in voting by attacking the post office and already stating IF he is not re-elected " its the most corrupt election in history".

When legal, lawful protestors protested in the street, Trump's response was tear gas, riot control and jailing the protestors. His response was " to squash". Fascists do not allow dissent.

When Nazis showed up at Charlottesville, Trump refused to renounce the Nazi presence, instead saying " there are nice people on both sides".

The FBI just labelled QAnon as " domestic terrorists". Trump REFUSES to denounce them and their dangerous beliefs because they are " his base" Let that sink in..the FBI calls them the most dangerous threat to America; the President calls them his base. They are his base because their viewpoint , like Trump's, is classic deluded fascism. The military sees this; the FBI sees this. Our " President" refuses to see it. That is why " ANTIFA" demands new leadership, a new turnover in Washington, and definitely, a new President.

Fascists are narcissistic, egomanical and sociopathic to an exaggerated degree, as everything is judged by how it benefits them or what light it puts them in. Trump is the literal definition and example of fascism, sociopathic behaviour and narcissism .

So when he declared war on " antifa", he was declaring war on all who oppose him and his fascist agenda.

" Anti-fascists" do not want " one way or the highway". Anti-fascists do not want " my way or the highway". Like the Bible says in Proverbs, " wisdom is found in many counsels".

Anti-fascists want multiple political parties, dissenting views, different religions with the freedoms to choose your God, your religion, your politics.

I am " antifa". I ALWAYS will be, for I believe in America, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the equality of human rights, human dignity, and the belief that until ALL of us are truly free, NONE of us are truly free.

For this reason, I proudly and unapologetically oppose Donald Trump and the fascism for which he stands. I am Antifa. #WE is Antifa.

God bless America.

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