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#WE/ #WEM Names Starr as 2021 Face / Brand

Updated: Feb 3

Mega-model, Jenee Starr, has been named the face, brand, model and spokesperson representing the official global Women Empowerment Movement and the #WE movement, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign , for 2021 . As such, Jenee Starr will be the advertising, promotional, digital, TV, PPV , live-hosting and public relations face.

" Today's world is a very visual world, and people connect a celebrity face to a brand. It makes the brand more personable and personal, more relatable. In this complex culture, it is a minefield of divisive ideas and conversations, so a brand needs a spokesperson who is polished, mature, graceful and intelligent to navigate their responses and statements. An empowerment movement, such as ours , representing such controversial issues as #BLM, #MeToo, George Floyd, Brionna Taylor, the U.S veterans, the Latin immigrants, etc., all firestorms of controversy, better be the very definition of grace, love and intelligence , to even survive in public relations and social media. #WE feels that Jenee is just such a rare diamond, " quotes a #WEM source.

Jenee holds college degrees, including a Bachelor of Psychology degree, is a mega-model, and is one of the most prolific hosts in her field. Jenee Starr , with her supermodel beauty, seems to be the perfect choice to create a TV women empowerment empire around.

#WE has designated her as lead anchor in their upcoming #WE News series as well as a host with actor John Amos, of the upcoming ' " #GoodTimesPPV" specials, the first being Jan. 31. This special will then be distributed to over 100 networks , beginning with Holyfield TV, the network owned by world renowned boxer, Evander Holyfield, beginning in Feb.-March.,

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