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#WE Denounces Tucker Carlson: "Fake News" Source of Dis-Unity and Dis-Information

News hosts like Tucker Carlson are constantly calling all news they do not like " fake news", and creating their own "fake news"as their substitute of reality. They create their own "virtual reality" . " Creating" your own reality is not news, it is psychopathic.

In psychology, there is a funny inside joke of the defintion of the difference between a psychopath, and a neurotic. The inside joke definition is that psychopaths build castles in the air, and neurotics live in them. I do not know where that leaves these Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Trumpists fans, or the Q-Anons or white nationalists, because they do BOTH. They build delusional castles based deliberately on dis-information and lies, then actually live in, and believe their own created delusions. It is a real mental illness that is pervading some 30-40% of America.

And people like Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, who are all uneducated and have not one college degree between them, profit by creating, promoting and disseminating this dis-information to 30-40 % of the mental simpletons who seem tragically to not be able to discern reality from delusion, truth from lie, reason from insanity, and as long as they are making millions from creatiing and promoting such lies, and the public keeps listening, it is not likely to soon end.

First , they created the whole " Obama did not have a genuine birth certificate". After hundreds of laughable news drama and discourse, that was shown to be the real" fake news". Then the whole " our election was stolen", in spite of the fact they lost 61 out of 62 lawsuits because " absolutely no evidence exists". A simple Google search shows even the most ignorant simpleton, a video tape of Trump's own attorneys telling a judge" we have no evidence".

Anyone remember all the " Comey will be soon indicted", " Hillary is going to prison", " Obama will be tried" delusions?. It was all that talk radio talked about for 3 years. None of it ever came to fruition, none of it was ever true. Yet even today, these deluded followers refuse facts, and flock to people who call all news and media " fake news" unless THEY create it, then its " reaL". This thinking is textbook fascism, psychopathic, neurotic and so unbelievable, they probably need to invent some new titles to explain its level of insannity.

So now Tucker Carlson, consistently one of the most ignorant, racist and offensively delusional of the bunch, evidently is feeling slighted from his proper share of limelight, NOW is creating a personal attack on the 44 year old marriage of Joe & Jill Biden?

First it was a delusional psychpathic attack on Hunter Biden ( which yielded NO charges from the Ukraine, the Russians, the FBI, the DOJ, etc.), and now Tucker is attacking one of the strongest stalwarts of marriage of marriage in the political history of our culture?

Tucker was SILENT on the 3 unfaithful marriages, 5 kids concieved out of wedlock, 36 sexual charges,3 paid porn prostitutes of Trump, but now attacks a 44 year marriage of our President?

The Biden marriage is not news nor is Carlson's opinion of it. Who cares what this ignorant racist thinks? And why is it news?

It is not news.

Neither is Tucker Carlson's unblenmished record as a key purveyor of ignorant delusional conspiracy theories, deliberately created " fake news". It also is not news he is one of the foremost anti-empowerment voices in American culture.

So, as #WE, the empowerment campaign, #WE must denounce Tucker Carlson as the erroneous purveyor of delusion, lies and disinformation that he is. For the record, one can almost deduct any truth as being the exact opposite of anything this charlatan says. #WE refuses to spend another minute discussing this pathetic crackpot, but for the record, #WE deounce him and all his reports,"news" and opinions as the very thing that is WRONG with all of America. He is an anti-patriot, an enemy of all attempts of unity and the enemy of honor, and integrity.He should be banned from spreading anymore of his laughable delusions.

#WE believe in free speech. But to incite racism, delusion and anti-government sentiments deliberately for ratings from a huge populace that cannot tell your toxin is toxin, is a threat to our union.

#WE gives KUDOS to Facebook, Google, Twitter and even Parler for censoring the pathetic lies, racism annd delusions of Donald J. Trump. #WE says it is time for the same to be done to Tucker Carlson.

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