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Shame On Snoop/ Badd Dogg, Badd Dogg

Snoop Dogg recently maliciously attacked Gayle King for what he considered her insensitive comments about Kobe Bryant during a period of national mourning over the untimely death of Kobe Bryant. While its easy to understand his sensitivity to the remarks considering the emotional vulnerability nearly everyone was feeling during the time, Snoop Dogg's remarks went far beyond all decency, respect and acceptability.

It is said , " Smart is knowing WHAT to say; WISDOM is knowing whether or not to say it".

His remarks were 5 times worse than anything Gayle King would have said or even could have EVER said.

Snoop Dogg called her a "b----ch" and "hoe" , then physically threatened her with his gang. This was a trashy, and classless low-life thug attack on Gayle King, a woman of renowned integrity and honor. Everyone knows of her class , honor and integrity. She is the epitome of what an empowered woman is and should be. Whether Snoop Dogg thought her statements to be true or false, appropriate or not, he has the right to politely and maturely voice his disagreement and / or differences of opinion.

But for Snoop to attack her very core of humanity and attack her maliciously, personally and to say such trashy, thuggish things about her and to her, only shows how classless and trashy he can be.

I vehemently condemn his behavior as trashy and classless.

It is the very behavior and statements of a classless thug. Snoop purports to now be a godly man, a Christian brother, and just recorded a gospel album, then publicly murders the integrity and character of one of the finest women in broadcasting all because he did not like her statement?

Badd Dogg, Snoop. The Bible says to NOT bear false witness on anyone. It says anyone calling a brother even " Raca" or " fool" is in danger of the hellfire. You can murder a person and their integrity with WORDS which you made every effort to do.Then you even threatened her physically.

Those kinds of attacks are EXACTLY the reason why commercial sponsors and networks avoid " rap" and especially " thug rappers". " Thug" in itself means classless , low -class and guttural. That is EXACTLY what YOUR behavior was.

I will NOT make the same mistake YOU did and rob you of all integrity and class. Unlike you, I hope for the best and redemption in people. I do not condemn you, your own words did. Then she tried to make peace with you and you castigated her with a second dose as bad as the first.

Your behavior was abhorrent, despicable and trashy. You owe HER a public apology as BIG as your disrespect. I doubt she will ever get it, because thugs are thugs , and public apologies and manning up to their failures would be beyond them, and you.

Instead, you will probably threaten or attack me. I don't care.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Anybody with ANY class can see what your statements say about you. Those words against Gayle King will forever define YOUR character, not hers, until said time you are MAN enough and MATURE enough to own up to that abominable behavior and until you make a public apology to her as BIG as your disrespect was.

On behalf of myself, #WE, Stand Up International and Women Empowerment Movement, your words have branded you as classless and trashy. Until you take those words back, they stand to define you to the MILLIONS who heard them

Those SAME millions will continue to respect Gayle King for the mature and classy way she did act by NOT responding to your disrespect.

" When they go LOW, WE go high". That is the mantra of women empowerment and people like Gayle King, Oprah, Ellen, etc. You have set a new bar for classless and tasteless. NO woman , no human being, should EVER be attacked the way you attacked her.

It as nauseating, despicable and repugnant. It represents you until said time YOU apologize.

Gayle King, I apologize that there are classy trashy people like this in the public eye who are considered " stars" but have NO shine. On behalf of the #WE movement, #WE cheer you, applaud you and respect you for all you do and for your classy restraint with such a public and repugnant attack on you.

" Those who have eyes can see; those who have ears can hear..."

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