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Riley Green Tweet Makes #WE Shame

Hot commercial country artist, Riley Green, ( @RileyGreenMusic) recently tweeted what's considered a racist and insensitive Tweet about the Super Bowl performances of Latina icons SHAKIRA and JENNIFER LOPEZ when he tweeted, " Great game but ...Can I get somebody to translate the Super Bowl half-time show so I know what they are singing about?".

In today's culture, that is a RACIST and INSENSITIVE comment, Mr. Green.

We love your singing, but in the future, why don't you leave your ignorant, insensitive and racist Tweets just " un-Tweeted"? You know, the Latin culture is approaching 40% of American population. You might want to leave the 1960's and join the 21st century realities. The difference in SMART and WISDOM is ;" SMART is knowing WHAT to say; WISDOM is knowing whether or not to say it".

The point in much of the half-time show was to acknowledge Puerto Ricans ( YES, Mr. Green..Puerto Ricans ARE " Americans", just like you EXCEPT they are ACCEPTING and not racist)..and the half-time show was trying to acknowledge THESE 2 superstar's roots ( Shakira celebrating the Colombian roots of her dad) just, Mr. Green, as if you were on stage there you might celebrate the culture of Kentucky, coal mines or West Virginia ( just as foreign to Latins as their culture seems to be to you.)

The whole PURPOSE, Riley, in case YOU missed it, in having J-Lo and Shakira DO the half-time, was to honor and celebrate the Latin culture in the USA, the NFL and their staggering contributions. It was to also introduce this beautiful culture to racist backward rednecks like yourself, but for INCLUSION, Mr. Green, not calling them out based on YOUR ignorance of the Latin culture. Why not SILENTLY watch & learn, Mr. Green...SILENTLY...

So this week on #WE News, #WE adds this unfortunate racist and insensitive Tweet to this week's #WE WALK OF SHAME.

You are an incredibly gifted country singer, Mr. Green, on the cusp of super-stardom. Why not use this obviously new celebre to UNITE and say POSITIVE uplifting things? In today's culture, most of ALL, THAT is what we need to hear. WE hear the poisonous and ignorant toxins you spoke from the White House on an almost daily basis.

#WE do not want to hear it from our country music stars. That is one of the pure platforms left unscathed by divide and hate. Country music encompasses 80% of all music bought in America. Lets work on INCLUDING that 40% Latin market gravitating TO you, Riley, not AWAY from you.

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