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Rachel Alejandro Joins #AsianLove event/telecast

Superstar actress/ recording artist, Rachel Alejandro, joins the #AsianLove televised concert on March 11, 2023 at the Aratani Theatre with Garth Garcia, the Asian " prince of pop"; host Gabe Pagtama; DJ Icey Ice; host Abe Pagtama; Czarina, hailed as the new "Asian J-Lo"; The Kid Brothers, the new Dallas Boy Band likened as the new Jonas Brothers; Cristiani Rebada, the award winning champion vocalist, and others including a couple of surprise stars to be announced. The entire event will be televised LIVE globally, 7-9 pm, Pacific time, to over a billion people as will be the one hour Red Carpet event from 6-7 pm Pacific time. This historic first event is the inaugural kick-off event of the Asian Empowerment movement's tour of monthly citywide rallies, all scheduled to be televised globally on multiple platforms, with #AsianLove co-partner FILAM-TV airing it LIVE globally. FILAM is available on Roku, Amazon and Fire TV, and airs on 2 OTA stations in Las Vegas including Vegas Live, as well as on the air in Manila, The Philippines and on the WCETV app, which is the only platform broadcasting into China, and has over 1.20 billion subscribers. The #WE Movement, Women Empowerment Movement, and FILAM-TV, along with Chow entertainment of California notoriety, are presenting #AsianLove. #WE presented the #WeGlobal LARGEST NYE TV 2023 event with BTS, Fall Out Boy, Smashing Pumpkins, Jay R., Garth Garcia, the aforemenioned group The Kid Brothers, etc. will also make the #AsianLove telecasts available on their #WeMovement App and their #WeGlobal TV APP as well as on the site as well as the WeGlobal.TV sites. The #AsianTour goes to Las Vegas in April and to Houston in May and plans on revisting Los Angeles in June-July at the Toyota Aena in a 5000-10000 person event TBA. The #AsianLove agenda is to launch in a new major city each month and to re-visit each city launched every few months to keep the vision, brand and movement vibrant in each market.

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