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Production Icon, Rick Camp, Is New #WE/ Women Empowerment Movement Production Head

He was the Sound Engineer / Production Head for Jennifer Lopez for 5 years, then for Beyonce for 5 years and now is the Head of Production for Women Empowerment Movement/ #WE. Rick Camp is a certified sound genius and has been the called on expert for Nicki Minaj, Anita Baker, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce , etc. He is known and respected throughout the music industry , even playing trumpet for Earth, Wind & Fire years ago. You name it, Rick Camp has done it. Now Rick is the go to guy for Women Empowerment Movement and is helping produce, film & direct #WE News.

His wife, Jorina King-Camp, is even joining #WE News as the final news anchor and the Women Empowerment Movement as a speaker.

RIck Camp is incomparable in sound production and has his own studio in Las Vegas and a few head-blowing surprise creations of his own upcoming. His idea for #WE News includes a 180 degree video background and so much more in a new audio/ visual news platform sure to challenge the industry.

#WE and Women Empowerment Movement are honored and elated to welcome Rick & Jorina Camp.

When God is involved, He sends the very best!

( Jorina Camp)

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