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Pop Artist/ Azia Olive Pens #WE Theme Song

Ask Maestro P, superstar producer ( Janet Jackson, Alexander O'Neal, Q-Tip, etc.) or #WE creator, Lowell Beasley, who is the most talented artist they have encountered, and both will reply, " Azia Olive".

Azia Olive is a brand new artist just debuting, but already, everyone in the industry at the top levels, sing her acclaims as " hot", " extremely talented", huge", etc. With such superlatives flying around, Azia Olive is taking it in stride. She was really drawn to the #WE cause and offered to pen a #WE song and 10 minutes later, had penned the above.

That's right.

Ten minutes.

She is that kind of talent. Color her " future superstar".

#WE does. #WE thinks she is the biggest thing in music since rhythm tracks.

#WE has proclaimed her and designated her as their banner artist of Women Empowerment Movement, and the #WE movement globally.

Azia has the cool easy vibes ( and similar talent ) to Alicia Keys, Norah Jones or someone like that. Her style is hard to file or classify, but it is definitely commercial, definitely hot, definitely popular and definitely original.

#WE has been planning all kinds of virtual concerts, TV specials and shows , during these pandemic times, and now Azia Olive is in the center of all that. #WE wants to use every TV medium and virtual source possible to spread the musical gospel of Azia Olive, to spread the music and name of this remarkable artist.

" Azia Olive DEFINES #empowerment. She is the walking definition of it. Azia Olive is a Boss!, " #WE creator Lowell Beasley gushes. " Azia is first of all, one of the most drop dead gorgeous women on the planet! Secondly, she is the most talented singer / songwriter that myself or Maestro P. have ever come across. Third, her heart, her soul, is magical. She is very grounded, very awoke, very aware and very intelligent. She knows exactly what she wants, and exactly what she doesn't want. She is her own producer, her own editor. She does her own videos, and produces and edits everything herself. She is her own photographer, takes and edits her own pictures! THIS woman is a one-man women empowerment movement in herself. Yet, her personality is chill, sweet, kicked back. She exudes peace, grace and humility. #WE are STOKED over Azia Olive, and , I, personall, am GAGA over her! Can you tell?"

Azia Olive will do a short " at home" virtual concert on Nov. 6 on The NOW Network, performing her own original songs, and sharing her heart and views. The 30 minute debut is all Azia. She is the host, the star, the feature. But as everyone will soon learn, when this musical genius is in the house, its a full house. She is all you need.

#WE concurs.

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