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Jimmy Spittz/ New #WE Partner and #WE Media/Press Director

James Molina AKA Jimmy Spittz, former head of digital marketing / press/ media for Straight Outta Compton, and current digital press/ media for USA Today, and Gannett Newspapers,the nation's largest independent newspaper chain, is now the #WE press digital marketing / press/media for Women Empowerment Movement globally and the #WE movement. Lowell Beasley, founder-creator, will still retain the visionary directions, but Jimmy Spittz is assuming the reins over web, social media, digital marketing and artist recruitment, and presentation to to the artists, regarding the #WE concerts and virtual events.

Jimmy Spittz is a rising performing artist as well in the hip hop vein, leaning to the new hot jazz fusion/ hip hop mix currently that is becoming the rave in hip hop.

Jimmy Spittz will be added as a #WE co-host on upcoming events as he co-hosts with #WE Celebrity Host, Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam, and #Lisseth, the global host of #WE.

Jimmy Spittz will also oversee the artist media/press/digital marketing for all #WE artists, starting with the newly proclaimed " official #WE artist", Azia Olive. Jimmy and Azia will be musical hosts / co-hosts as needed.

Jimmy Spittz is an Executive Board Member, authorized #WE signatory, and equity partner in both Women Empowerment Movement and the #WE movement, globally.

" We welcome Jimmy Spittz to our cause and are excited to have his much needed skills aboard #WE", states Vicki Abreu, #WE Global Executive Director.

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