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Comedian Ms. Arkansas Not Silent Even If Las Vegas Is

The comic known to her fans as Ms. Arkansas is being anything but quiet during this COVID-19 shutdown. In a politically correct culture where every word has to be carefully measured, Ms. Arkansas is loud & proud of her convictions and does not care who knows it. Cynthia Rudd AKA Ms. Arkansas, the Las Vegas comedienne making a splash nationally, is very vocal about her faith and her sobriety.

She has been alcohol free now over two years and is very vocal about her sobriety but even more outspoken about her faith in the Lord. Its her faith and her proud profession she is a follower of the God that has radically saved her, redirected her path. She never misses a chance to let everyone know she owes her every successful credit to the Lord who propels her, favors her and opens doors for her.

She has gotten meteoric opportunities with icon George Wallace, Wild n' Out and almost every new comic jam coming out seems to have Ms. Arkansas on the bill.

In an age of women empowerment, and " divas" and " bosses", it is refreshing to find a real diva, a real boss, who readily admits she is not the boss, her God is. She is not shy about her talent but will readily tell you she owes God everything and " all credit goes to God".

She has an incredible backstory having been an alcoholic, the mother of 2 sons ( both in prison) and an unbelievable life of obstacles she has had to overcome, she now is an overcomer and her star is rapidly rising.

It is the mark of a successful person, not how many times you have fallen down, but how many times you have gotten back up. Ms. Arkansas is the living example of " fall down seven times, get back up 8 times".

And get back up she has.

She did a movie with Melanie Camacho, Martin Lawrence, Honey Blunt and Tiffany Haddish last year, " Boosters". She is the official #WE comic of #WE and Women Empowerment Movement and the star of every new comedy jam being recently advertised in Las Vegas, catching the eyes of icons like George Wallace.

Though Las Vegas has turned off their microphones temporarily, that is not slowing down Ms. Arkansas who has launched her own podcast / radio show to keep her comedy brand pumping.

#WE and Women Empowerment Movement proudly salutes and congratulates Ms. Arkansas for being such a success, such a woman of VOCAL faith , an #empowered woman and a role model of true blazing your own path against all odds.

A huge" Suuuu-eeyyyy" to Ms. Arkansas, our beloved #WE comic.

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