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Azia Olive Pens #DV Song/ "Changes"

Azia Olive, the hot commercial #We artist, banner artist of the Women Empowerment Movement, has penned a new song dedicated to bring awareness to #DomesticViolence.

Donned in abuse make-up and emotional abuse attitude, this short , but powerfully engaging song, Azia Olive gives the listener a look into the psyche of #DomesticViolence victims and the all-too-often conversation in their head.

#DomesticViolence is one of the nation's leading abuse issues that has fallen out of the headlines with all other 2020 maladies affecting the nation and world with COVID-19, the protests, #BlackLivesMatter, riots , etc.

But statistics show #DomesticViolence is exploding in occurrence even more amid the lock-down with victims being locked-down with their abusers . Statistics show 4 out of 5 domestic violence accounts are by the significant other of the abused.

#WE, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign is creating a series of TV specials and shows to #empower , and Azia Olive is their banner performer.

#We applauds this amazing son and effort by Azia Olive to keep #DomesticViolence in the mix and minds of concerned citizens. With no where to go during lock-down, #DomesticViolence is expanding like never before.

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