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Azia Olive Debuts As #WE Banner Artist

Azia Olive has been appointed as the official banner and global banner artist of Women Empowerment Movement AND the #WE movement.

Azia Olive is putting together a virtual concert pilot for Netflix, to be aired on The NOW Network on Nov. 6. In this 30 minute special, Azia will showcase her personality, her songwriting skills and amazing singing.

Azia Olive is a Maestro P/ Lowell Beasley production. If you ask either of them who is Azia Olive?....they will each respond she is the most amazing and talented artist either have ever encountered in their careers..

Says Beasley, " Azia is the most amazing and exciting artist I have ever met or seen. Initially, I saw she has this Alicia Keys type talent and vibe. But as we delved in, she is all hands-on like Taylor Swift. She is her own photograper, writes her own songs, sings her own songs, records. mixes and produces her own songs. She takes her own pictures, edits her own pictures, her own graphics..She is a one man in-house, do it all production artist. And everything she touches and does is class, first-rate. I am amazed. Maestro and I are so elated to be involved with her. We literally have artists from all the world wanting to collab with her.".

Several networks are interested in a documentary showing all the behind the scenes evolution of a future superstar on the rise. #WE plans on using the rise of Azia olive as the subject of that pilot and those future documentaries.

#WEis negotiating with 2 of the world's largest geo-political organizations to help make it viral in a joint venture together.

Gloverzone DL Pictures is expected to be the production company. We will update you as things develop.

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