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AOC is the MLK of #WE and Women Empowerment Movement

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Just as MLK was the unpopular radical voice of real life-changing TRUTH in the 1960's, AOC is the current same voice of 2020.

She is a popular target, for she says the Truth and calls EVERYBODY on their hypocrisy ; from Trump, to Pelosi to Israel. The two-edged sword of truth cuts both ways and AOC deals the truth out unequivocally, letting the shreds fall where they may. Truth is truth. It is not apologetic, nor is truth judged on its speaker. Truth stands as truth on its own, regardless of its popularity or standing of its speaker.

There is no one MORE controversial and at times more unpopular than AOC at times, and that is okay with AOC. She is not there to win friends or influence people. She is there to represent the constituents of Queens, New York, whom she does fiercely represent, spewing passionate rants as a " John The Baptist, voice in the wilderness" in the United States Congress. As outlandish and radical as John The Baptist was with his camel hair and honey back in the days of Jesus, AOC is the similar radical voice of judgement in the current day Congress, calling everyone on their hypocrisy, on their racism, on their double-standards, no matter who it is. She calls down her own party's Nancy Pelosi as she does the non-stop Trump Republican hypocrisy.

She is a bipartisan truth dealer.

#WE celebrates this iconic and future historical living Legend for her fierce bravery to tell the truth at any cost, for her unwavering purity and integrity in telling it like it is and as it should be, and also for her firm faithfulness to tell it. One ALWAYS knows when the microphone goes to AOC, you can bet the truth is getting ready to be told.

She is the " Ol' Faithful" of truth in a Congress of duplicity and compromise, in an atmosphere of peers who are cowardly and vague.

AOC is the standard of Truth.

MLK was very controversial and highly unpopular in his heyday as he offended many, as truth does. Jesus taught the truth, they crucified him. MLK was assassinated. AOC is verbally assaulted at every juncture.

Yet #WE believes, in the future, when culture catches up with the truth of AOC, she will be looked back upon as the MLK of our day. She is a rare historical hero. A legislative Joan of Arc. A modern female MLK.

#WE and #WomenEmpowerment Movement 100% fully endorses, backs and agrees with AOC in her every word of truth and bravery, no matter how hard it is to swallow. She is a true #WE hero!

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